Install Virtualbox in OMV

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    • Install Virtualbox in OMV

      Hello guys,

      first let me introduce myself. I'm Sven, come from Germany and want to build a home-server with the possibilitie to virtualize some machines :)
      I red a lot of different systems and decided to use OpenMediaVault. I like the easy-to-use design and the features.

      If I don't need virtualisation I hadn't have a problem. BUT... I need it.
      My problem is that I can't see the Virtualbox plugin in OMV AFTER installing the VirtualBox Plugin, rebooting, refreshing... (updating repositories, installing Virtualbox works fine)
      I tried all possibilities. Lookt thrue the hole web... but no positive result.

      At least I installed the package from
      After refreshing the side It is damaged. The server doesn't find needed java files. :| (No worries it is in a virtual machine and a made a snapshot before)

      Virtualbox should be a standard plugin :) Maybe it would be easyer for somebody like me ^^

      To put it in a nutshell:
      1. Why can't I see VirtualBox
      2. Is it possible to get an overview about more available plugins IN the OMV-menu?

      Hope you can help me. After I get a working system I'll documentate the complete progress and post this actual version of installing Virtualbox in OMV :D


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    • Re: OpenBox in OMV

      What version of OMV did you install? I'm guessing you installed 0.5 and you used the 0.4 omv-plugins plugin. You need to install the omv-extras plugin - read. There is a virtualbox plugin. Not sure what you are trying to do with openbox but it is a desktop environment. You don't need that on the server. You can rdesktop into the virtual machines in virtualbox.
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    • Re: Virtualbox in OMV


      Thank you, that's what I'm looking for.
      I installed OMV,
      downloaded the plugin-package from your website,
      installed it,
      installed the VirtualBox Plugin
      and it worked.
      Great job the omv-extras :)
      That's too easy with the right package :D

    • Re: Virtualbox in OMV

      Too easy? Yeah, thanks to all the hard work from our plugin devs...

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    • Re: Virtualbox in OMV

      Yes. It's "Clicki-Bunti" for DAU's :D
      OK, it's better to know something about Linux but omv with plugins is useful for a noob, too :)
      Great work from the plugin developers...

      The php Virtualbox showed a gray site.
      If somebody have this problem too, clean the cache and refresh the site ^^
      After that you can see the loginbox again.

      regards sven
    • Step by Step Virtualbox in OMV

      How-To OpenMediaVault with Plugin

      Download OpenMediaVault Iso
      Install it from DVD
      Login to another Computer, open a browser and use the IP which you can see on the serverdisplay
      Login with admin and the password openmediavalue
      Change the Web Administrator Password in System-General-Settings
      Configure a Raid System in RAID-Management (Create-name it, select a raid level, select the devices)
      Create a Filesystem (Create-select the Device, Label it a name, choose the filesystem – REMEMBER THE NAME)
      Create a Fileserver. I run Windows on my client, so I enable the SMB/CIFS service.
      After that go to Shares and ADD a new one with the created File System

      Download the Plugin from to your Client (have a look at "Guides" at the webpage)
      Choose Upload, browse for the downloaded file and accept with Ok.
      Install openmediavault-omvextrasorg and install it
      Thereafter go to „“ in the webgui-menu (not the website :))
      Enable and Save
      Go to the tab Secondary
      Choose Enable Virtualbox and Save
      Go to Plugins
      Install openmediavault-virtualbox (maybe it is on Page 2)
      Wait longer :)
      Now you can see the Position VirtualBox under Services

      Enable it and Select the created volume (this will create the folder virtualbox-machines in your file-system)
      Select Virtual Machines and klick on phpVirtualbox – read the information about username and password!
      A new window will open with the phpVirtualBox site. Create a New virtual machine

      Now you need an Image for the System
      Download an ISO on your client and copy it to the share on the server
      Do you remeber the name of your filesystem?
      Go to the Server and log into the console
      Type „mount“
      Look for the REMEMBERED NAME
      There you can find the mountpoint for example /media/a4054ff......
      This is the mountpoint of your created share
      Go back to the Web-Gui of Virtualbox
      In the machine settings you can select the Storage
      Click on the DVD Label and „Choose a virtual CD/DVD disk file“
      Look for the mountpoint (for example) /media/a4054ff...
      There you find the Iso :)
      Now you can start the Virtual Machine

      If you want to see what your virtual system is doing, use a RDP Viewer on your Client
      (If you use linux maybe you must select RDP insted of SSH or VNC)
      You can see the IP and Port number on the overview of the virtual machine at Display (Remote Desktop Server Port)

      Info: If your phpvirtualbox is only grey, please clear the browsercache and refresh the page

      Now you can use Virtualbox, a Virtual Client and OpenMediaVault :)
      Have Fun

      (Please correct me, if anything isn't correct :))

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