Clean, Degraded Array

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    • Clean, Degraded Array

      Hi all,

      I think i have either a failed or failling drive. For the past week my server has been failing to boot (headless, turned on by WOL) it powers up but always sat there booting. After a few hard power offs and my general laziness in wanting to unplug it and plug a monitor into it i did that tonight.

      The boot up sequence showed that 4 out of 5 devices where being used in 'md127' which is the RAID device i assume.

      The OMV GUI shows all my disks but the RAID tab only shows 4 devices, it did show a missing one so i unplugged that device and plugged it back in, it appeared a /dev/sdg/ Afte rmoving the machine back downstairs to use my laptop instead of my phone it appeared as /dev/sdd again.

      Im unsure if this disk is failing or not? I've seen other mentioning zeroing out the super block and re-adding it to the array to rebuild but not sure if this is the best course of action.

      The drives where cheap and second hand from a work colleague so im not too fussed if its dying, but wanted to make sure it was dying first before buying a replacement.

      Any tips / steps?

      this is my first failure of a RAID array in Linux so im a little cautious.


    • Re: Clean, Degraded Array

      Did you check smart values of the drive? Another thing to check is the sata cable.

      Edit: Is the Raid now synced again after the redetection of the harddrive?

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    • Re: Clean, Degraded Array


      Nope the RAID was still marked as degraded. I did a

      Source Code

      1. cat /proc/mdstat/

      and it showed that i had a device called 'md126' which was the single 3TB drive on its own. So i stoped it via

      Source Code

      1. mdadm --stop /dev/md126


      Source Code

      1. mdadm --zero-superblock /dev/sdd

      I could then recover the RAID via the GUI, it is currently rebuilding but i think the drive is marked as a spare where as before i had all 5 drives as active with no spares. If this works i think i'll just leave it as a spare if its a dodgy drive anyway.

      With regard to SMART, im not sure what im looking at, can you give me an pointers that are bad values?

    • There is still a bug in the repair option in the GUI. It uses the method via a spare to rebuild you raid.

      That leaves a spare entry in /etc/md/md.conf so you are also getting false alarms of an absent spare afterwards

      The question is: What happend with your raid before that reconstruct?

      Do you find anything in /var/log/messages or /var/log/syslog ?

      Also after a certain amount of time, debian force a check of filesystems and that will take quite some time. You should open a console (via physical monitor or ILO), to find out what the system is doing when not available via web frontend.
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