How to manually set DNS?

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    • How to manually set DNS?

      How to manually setup the dns?

      I tried via the webgui but it broke my network twice, tried manually to edit the /etc/network/interfaces but this is what I get (see attachment)

      kalizec 1.0.8 here
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    • This happens when you set it via CLI?

      What happens when you set it via GUI?

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      Upload Logfile via WebGUI/CLI
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    • Via GUI once i press "apply" the progress bar shows up and never stops, then i get "communication failure" error and i can't even ping the server, it totally broke my network and it doesn't connect anymore (I also checked the arp table in case it got a different ip).
      I had to reinstall it twice now i'm on a fresh install i don't want to break it once again.

      When i try via ssh i get what you see in the attachment, it's kinda weird.

      What do you mean by CLI?
    • tekkbebe wrote:

      cli = command line
      Do not do things in command line that are in the webgui.

      In the webgui try to set your:

      primary: (or whatever your router's address is)
      I don't know the command to set it by CLI, but as said earlier i tried twice without success via GUI and it disconnected.

      Is there a file where the primary is stored?