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      Howto add your own repositories

      The sources.list file under /etc/apt/sources.list file is locked (ONLY if you have installed the Plugin). In the past we had so many people who changed and failed while changing/adding/removing something from the sources.list file. Therefore we decided to lock the file. But this does not mean that you cannot add or remove personal repositories. Here is how you can do it whithin the OMV GUI.

      Requirements Plugin

      (Make sure repository corresponds to your version of Debian, OMV 1.0 = Debian 7.0 Wheezy. E.g never use repos that's for Ubuntu or a repo that's for a newer or older version of Debian)
      • Click on "" and switch to the "Custom" tab.
      • Click on "Add".
      • Give it the name you like, type in or paste your wanted repository and give it a comment.
      • Click on "Save".
      • Apply the settings with clicking the "Apply" button on the yellow bar.
      • After you applied your settings, click the "Update" or the "Silent" button. This will perform an apt-get update in a popup window or in the background (if you chose silent).
      • Done.

      Questions / Problems / Discussions
      Feel free to create a thread if you have any problems.
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