Keyboard layout on a fresh install

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    • Keyboard layout on a fresh install


      I'm building a fresh OMV setup with the latest iso 1.0.20.

      I noticed the keyboard layout is QWERTY, despite I set AZERTY in the setup process.

      After playing around, I solved my issue by installing a additional package :
      apt-get install console-setup
      Once this package installed I ran

      The expected keyboard layout is now applied, and it persists across reboots.

      I think the package console-setup should be installed by default.
      My wiki :

      = latest setup =
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      guests : OpenWRT (VM), OMV 3 (VM), Samba 4 domain controller (LXC)
      OMV alive since 2011 I guess : never crashed, always upgraded : stronger than my hard drives.

      Searching for a P2P online storage solution : must be open source, client side encrypted, quota supprt. Tahoe LAFS is the nearest, but is lacking quota. Would be perfect to build a OMV based, anonymous online storage for backups