Autoshutdown, Plexmediaserver and Backports Kernel, Error while install

    • OMV 1.0
    • Autoshutdown, Plexmediaserver and Backports Kernel, Error while install

      when i try to install the Plex Mediaserver Plugin or the Autoshutdown Plugin, the Process starts but it always stops at:

      Source Code

      1. Reading package lists...
      2. Building dependency tree...
      3. Reading state information...

      I made all my Updates. Is there anyway to install these Plugins manually?

      My other problem ist, after trying to install the back ports Kernel, I always get the following error log:

      Source Code

      1. E: You have retained broken packages.
    • Login via SSH/CLI and execute dpkg --configure -a and apt-get -f install to fix your broken packages. Post the output of these commands if this does not resolve the problem.

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      Upload Logfile via WebGUI/CLI
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