Can not disable "Web Client" tab for Plex in Web GUI

    • OMV 1.0

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    • Can not disable "Web Client" tab for Plex in Web GUI

      As the title says, I am not able to disable the "Web Client" tab in the web GUI for the Plex plugin.

      When I click on the Plex settings under services in the OMV Web GUI, the "Web Client" is displayed even though this option is not enabled in the "Settings" tab.

      However when I do click the "Settings" or "Setup Info" tab, the "Web Client" tab disappears.

      Plex Media Server itself works perfectly.
    • tekkb wrote:

      Try logging out and back in. Is the TAB still present after that. You can also refresh your browser. Changes in the javascript will not show until a browser refresh.

      I've not been able to get rid of that tab myself, for a while, so I assume this is a bug. Frankly, I think the tab is a little silly to begin with... but it doesn't bother me. What I've found, is usually as soon as I click on Settings or Setup Info, the tab vanishes. If I go to another menu entry, then back to Plex for some reason... the tab reappears.
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    • This happened when the web client tab was moved to the first position. The code to hide that tab is in the Settings tab which is not loaded until you click on it. In order to work correctly, the Settings tab has to be moved back to the first position.
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