[SOLVED] Share mount point

    • [SOLVED] Share mount point

      I've installed truecrypt on OMV 0.3.2 and want to add a mounted truecrypt container to the shared folders.
      How can I do that? No matter if I mount it to /mnt/whatever or /media/whatever, there is no such Device available for sharing.
      I do not have much experience with Linux, so please, try to keep your answers simple :)
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      if you go to :

      cd /media

      then do a list command:


      it should list the mounted drives uuid and you need to include the uuid in the path, e.g.


      if you have multiple drives you can search a uuid quickly by doing

      /media/3c8 and then hit tab and it will complete the uuid then add the rest of the path. Then you can do ls command to see what is on it.
      Make sure you mount your drives in the omv gui.
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      thanks for your Answer, but I think you got me wrong.

      I'll describe what I'm doing:

      I mount a TrueCrypt container using "truecrypt -t /media/b5fa1bc0-1c1e-11e2-892e-0800200c9a66/storage/testContainer.tc /media/truecryptmount"
      Now the container is mounted to /media/truecryptmount and I can see the files in there, so everything is fine in the shell.
      When I now access the Web Administration I can not see the mounted "truecryptmount" anywhere, so I can not add a SMB Share or anything.
      On the filesystem tab I can see my normal Raid and a "/dev/mapper/truecrypt0" fs.

      I tried adding /dev/mapper/truecrypt0's uuid to fstab and the openmediavault config xml, with no success.

      What can I do to let the Web Adminitraton know there are new mounted devices I want to use?

      Thank you,
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      Yes, it is OK to mount it there. If you want to share it using OMV it has to be on one of the data drives otherwise you would have to do it manually, and need a whole lot more knowledge of how SAMBA works. Remember you can only mount one container per folder. So on the data drive you might have a shared folder called truecryptmnts containing subfolders mnt1, mnt2, mnt3, etc..... as mountpoints. Yeah, I've used Truecrypt on Windows. I have some experience with it because in my field of work we are forced to encrypt our laptop harddrives.