"SABnzbd Web Interface" button in Web GUI loads incorrect address

    • OMV 1.0
    • "SABnzbd Web Interface" button in Web GUI loads incorrect address

      Hi all,

      I have a minor issue with the Web GUI after enabling HTTPS in SABnzbd.

      When I click on the "SABnzbd Web Interface" button from the plugins section in the Web GUI, the URL that loads is "https://localhost:port/sabnzbd" instead of the actual IP address (e.g "").

      This is only a minor issue because SABnzbd itself functions correctly, and the problem appears to only affect the button in the OMV Web GUI.

      I guess it could be related to the host setting in SABnzbd which I have tried changing (to my local IP and leaving blank) with no success. I was also able to reproduce this in a virtual machine.

      Any ideas how to resolve?
    • Miller is working on improving some of the ssl functionalaties for sickbeard atm. Once we got it working he will probably port that improvements to sab too.

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