Can't succeed to access users homes directories

    • OMV 1.0
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    • Can't succeed to access users homes directories

      Hi :)

      First of all, this is what I've done under the OMV web interface :

      1) Create 3 users and enable the User home directory option.

      2) Check if the directories was created (yes, I have /Users/Username1, /Users/Username2 etc..)

      3) SMN/CIFS : Enabled, set browseable

      However, from my windows machine, I can see the server \\OMV, but when I open it through the explorer it's empty...
      I've also tried to right click -> computer -> add network drive -> select my OMV server and use one of the three user id & password and.. same result..

      I'm sure that I've forgot something to setup on the server but don't know what :/

      Any ideas ?

      Thanks :)
    • You have two options to be enabled:

      1- is the home directory in Users section, where you choose a the shared folder to become home, or Users you choose the name.

      2- is the home directories in SMB section, where you set enabled

      [Blocked Image:]

      After that you should se:

      [Blocked Image:]
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    • Thanks subzero79 ;)

      That's it ! Now I can browse the personnal folder of the users. However I have one more question : the two folders (homes and "username") seem to lead to the same place (I suppose that the homes folder is actually a shortcut to the "username" folder), is it possible to display only the "username" folder ? (= hide the homes folder).
    • I think this is kind of a "bug" in OMV

      In a typical linux enviroment actually "home" is the home of the logged in user while "homes" is the directory to show all users home dirs

      exporting the users home dir in SMB as "username" is not the correct way to export the home, it shold show up as "home"

      while ticking "browsable" shold export the dir "homes" that contains all user homes with the "username" as dir. not "homes" with the users home as contend. and this option should be not interconected to export usere home dir. this are 2 fuctions that have nothing to do with each other, one is the export of the current user as %home and the other is the export of "homes" as "homes" including all home dirs

      thats entirely wrong and not compliant with any linux or windows standards.

      due to this, every time I have to work in OMV i have to warp my head around this "OMV specaillity" settings. a script working on most linux distro servers wont work on omv server due to this.