Owncloud on OMV 1.0.29 SSL deactivate

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    • Owncloud on OMV 1.0.29 SSL deactivate


      I need some help. Who use owncloud on OMV 1.0.29?

      I can't start the plugin because it requires a SSL-certificate. But who have privat a certificat? How can I switch off this SSL-check.

      Thank you for all the helpful answers.

      Best regards
    • You can create a self-signed certificate directly in OMV

      System -> Certificates -> Add -> create

      Take care: To use it with OwnCloud you need to set the Common name of your certificate to <your server name>.<your domain name (from System -> network -> domain name)>
      i.e. if you server name is MyServer and the domain MyDomain the common name needs to be MyServer.MyDomain. The default domain name is local.

      For my experience the call of the webinterface of OwnCloud works without trouble if you call it by MyServer.MyDomain:8443. If you call it only by MyServer:8443 you get nice error messages like "You are accessing the server from an untrusted domain...".
      Selecting the Show button opens OwnCloud by default without the domain in the URL! Just add the domain to the URL and you get the login screen.

      I've spent some time with this message... :(