Cannot delete files through samba or NFS

    • OMV 1.0
    • Cannot delete files through samba or NFS

      I have been running the omv installation fine but I have noticed that I cannot delete files on my samba shares. They are both NTFS partitions and have the permissions flag in fstab, but when I try to move or delete anything through a flie manager I just get 'permission denied'. It is a real pain having to ssh in via the command line to then remove the files as root.

      Is there any way to make this simpler?

      Thanks for any help.
    • I assume it depends on the fact that NTFS does not support Posix ACL which are required by OMV to set the user (filesystem) privileges.
      Absolutely no support through PM!

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    • I removed the permissions setting from the config.xml annd rebooted but I still cannot delet files on my shared media drive. I have mansged to do this by mounting an NFS share and using root on the client machine but this is far from ideal. There must be another way for me to delete files on the machine.

      Please help