[SOLVED] Remove HD

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      This also happens on a normal Debian/Linux system. If a mount point entry with fs_passno=2 is removed, then the filesystem check fails and prefents the system from booting.
      Absolutely no support through PM!

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      Reconnect the drive and then you need to delete the entry in /etc/fstab for that drive. You can use this command below to list your drives in command line. Be careful and ask more questions if you don't understand. Once you figure out which drive you need to remove you can use nano to edit the fstab file.

      fdisk -l
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      What must i do to replace a disk?
      When i go in the Webbrowser and connect to the omv system under Storage-> Pool and select the HD where i want to remove and say Going and oK
      Nothing happens.
      I say now minimum free disk space the entire disk, now some data moved to the other disks (2x 1TB and 1x3TB) but 160GB of data are not moved to the other disk, is this ok?
      I think no.
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      i have running.
      Fedaykin i don´t know? What is this? DNS?

      I try the command
      greyhole --going=/media/mydriveno#/.greyhole
      Storage pool drive /media/mydriveno#/.greyhole will be removed from the storage pool.
      Looking for broken symbolic links in the share 'myshare'... Please be patient...
      looks good