OMV fail upgrade, recovered, but now web page won't login

    • OMV fail upgrade, recovered, but now web page won't login

      I've attached omv-upgrade.txt which is much of the output of the system. when it failed to do the upgrade, i manually ran apt-get upgrade which fixed some things. I then went and removed netatalk and openmediavault-netatalk and then re-installed afterwards (i wasn't using that anyway). the result is that i had a system that seemed to be okay. i rebooted, but although i could login via root using ssh, i cannot logon to the web interface. a normal login page appears and i type in the credentials that used to work, but nothing happens (no warnings, no failed login message, no spinning symbols, nothing). i'm using latest google chrome. i looked through /var/log/* and the latest messages (ls -ltr) have nothing useful in them.

      after logging in as root i notice that my disks aren't mounted. i manually mount them and all the data is there.

      as far as i know there are two major problems right now:
      1. can't login to web interface
      2. disks are not mounting
      both are biggies for me.
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