File system not mounting on reboot

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    • File system not mounting on reboot

      Hi... Can someone help me with a problem in OMV v 1.0.31 (Kralizec) where a 1.5TB ext4 file system does not automatically mount after reboot.
      I can mount the drive manually in the OMV GUI, but the reported "Used Data" is incorrect.
      This file system is also causing problems with other plugins i.e. VDR, which will not use the drive for recording.
      Shares on this drive are available to SMB/CIFS when mounted.
      I have other drives mounting successfully, with no similar problems.

      Looking forward to some help sorting out this problem.
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    • Update:
      I logged on as "root" using Putty...
      Entered: "omv-mkconf fstab"
      And now drive mounts on boot. Yay! :P

      Now I have another problem. All the data has all vanished from the drive? apart from couple of empty directories and a lost+found directory.

      Could this be a result of clicking the "Resize" button in "File Systems"???
      I don't suppose anyone can fix that???

      Bugger! ;(

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    • Try extundelete.

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