Owncloud - not shown my folder

    • OMV 1.0
    • Resolved

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    • Owncloud - not shown my folder

      i'm using OMV 1.0.31 now.
      somedays-a-go, i'm reset and remove my OMV 0.5, and format and install 1.0.
      cause i'm setted like old config (by hand), any func is all good work, but Owncloud is dosen't work.

      Server have 4 drives, cause i'm setted 4 shared folder. but owncloud just shown default files.
      and create 'owncloud-(number)' in my 'FirstDrive' partiton (DATA partiton).

      mount.json is look good. config.php too. i think.

      how to fix this?

      i'm attach some images.

      • 1.png

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      • 2.png

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      • 3.png

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      • folder.png

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