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      Please be kind my first post and only been playing with omv for a day or two :)

      I originally had plex installed on my PC which connects to my apple TV, a freind has given me a lenovo m73 a tiny silent PC, my plan is to move my plex to this device whit a large external drive for storage and leave on all the time.

      Plex has installed fine and is running, but I get 404 on the web client window ?

      odd thing is, if I let the server run on my PC then open OMV it works fine, even being able to view my omv library via my apple tv and ipad, I have a couple of films on a stick to test this.

      I can even turn off my PC once the film has started and it works fine, but after a reboot etc on the omv I get the 404

      Have i got it installed in the wrong place ? or database folders vol wrong ?

      I have the latest omv installed and i've reinstalled plex

      Any suggests ?
    • Thanks for the reply

      after restart I get

      "Unable to connect
      Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at"

      I don't remember activating any firewall, does omv come with one as standard ?

      I've forwarded all the ports etc in my router to the above ip which is the ml37
    • So you get nothing with the button that has the link to pull it up or in the iframe??? iframe is the web client.

      The apple tv I think you would have to jailbreak. I'm not an apple user so not sure of the status on that. There are other cheap devices you could buy as a substituve. Also, if you have a Samsung Smart TV they have a really good Plex app.

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