New OMV user: Where are the rsync settings stored?

    • OMV 1.0
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    • New OMV user: Where are the rsync settings stored?


      I am new to OMV. I do have a fair bit of Linux experience, but mostly as an end user. I am fairly technical, but new to administering my own Linux machine.

      I have set up rsync via the gui, but I'm very curious as to where the actual command being run is being stored. I have been following the man pages, but have been unable to get it to do exactly what I want it to do. That said, it isn't complicated (the functionality that I am starting out with) so I suspect I will figure it out on my own eventually. But what would help me immeasurably in understanding it would be to see the actual command that is being run. Is that stored anywhere that I can just look at it?

      Slightly off topic for this forum: What about other configurations? For example, I have a static IP set via /etc/network/interfaces but the GUI obviously stores its settings elsewhere - even though it respects my settings from that file. Where are the general GUI settings stored and how are they applied if not in the standard configs?.

    • Thanks for the quick reply.

      I am not planning on editing the config.xml. I don't want to mess anything up. I just wanted to see the actual rsync command that was being run. But it appears that the config.xml file just stores the same settings that I see in the GUI (which makes sense).

      I don't see anything in crontab (crontab -l) for root either. Does OMV not use cron? Or is it under a different user? (Edit: I checked crontab for the user openmediavault and it says there is no crontab for that user). I'm just generally curious as to how OMV works. Is there documentation that describes how it works under the hood (but not so detailed that I am actually reading the source code which I will not be able to understand)?

      Thanks again!