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    • backup on lower capacity hd

      Hallo, maybe this is a silly question, but I am a total novice. I have made a search in the forum, but without any luck, so please help me.
      I am building a Nas on a Hp N54L with 4 x 3tb WD Red (I am thinkig to put them in Raid 10, but open to your suggestion) and a 64gb ssd for OMV.
      in the cd tray I have a tray for both a 2,5 hd (here is the OMV ssd) and a 3,5 hd which I plan to use for backup.
      with this configuration my raid can hold up to 6tb, and here is the question:
      to backup the full raid, do I need an expensive 6TB hd or can I use 2 x 3tb hd I already have? (something like backups on cd1 cd2 etc as I do on my laptop).
      Thank you
    • You would need to seperate the backup yourself. Automated backup from one single Array to two disks is not possible.

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