USB drive file system for backup?

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    • USB drive file system for backup?

      Running the latest kralizec built and I am testing the usb backup plugin and as I cannot find reference to it I would like to ask what are the file formats supported?

      That is in what file format should I format my USB so I can have a reliable copy of my data folder? This is going to be my BACKUP after all and I want to make sure that I can depend on it when I need it!

      I presume ext4 is natively supported however I have Macs and Windows machines on my network and being able to read/write instead of just read would be good. However between risking data integrity and ability to read/write I choose data integrity and reliable backup every day of the week!

      I did a test run where I formatted the usb drive in MacOS Journalled, the backup went without a hitch but the files in the backup were unreadable... (which makes me think that Mac OS Extended is not supported...)

      Appreciate ur time
    • I personally do not feel the need to alter files on a backup disk. If you want to alter files, do that with the ones on the shares and let the USB plugin sync them with the backup disk. If you alter files on the backup disk and forget to copy them back to the shares you might get an inconsistant data status.

      Rsync was created to sync files between *nix compatible file systems. However, it is possible to sync between ext* and for example VFAT, but be warned: This may result in unuseable backups. *nix filesystems are handling access controls, time stamps, upper and lower case settings different to i.e. Windows compatible filesystems.
      The USB plugin was developed for a simple and reliable backup to a compatible external disk. If you want to do something different you have to build your own solution.
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