running OMV virtualized without VT-d (using RDM for harddisks)

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    • running OMV virtualized without VT-d (using RDM for harddisks)

      I'm investigating whether there are issues running OMV virtualized (using ESXi) and passing the harddrives to OMV using raw device mapping (RDM).

      It seems that RDM is pretty dangerous when using ZFS, but are there certain issues when using EXT4? I've heard that it's a bit unclear how ESXi is handling disk errors and it might disconnect your disk from your client OS when your disk is struggling, but that may be solved using WD RED disks with TLER functionality.

      One other thing is that the SMART data won't be passed through, but perhaps I could check/monitor that in the virtualization environment?

      I would like to hear some thoughts from you.

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    • I have run OMV in virtualbox and proxmox for a long time. I don't pass the drives through and I let the host system worry about smart data.
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    • OMV 2 Server on ESXi 6 crashing daily

      Apologies for hijacking an old thread, but it's the closest I could find that describes my setup.

      I've been running OMV on ESXi with RDMs for my data drives for almost 2 years now, without any problems.

      Until about 2 weeks ago that is, after I upgraded to OMV 2.

      Now my OMV server VM crashes/dies at least once a day and when the VM restarts it gets stuck on the VMware BIOS boot screen. I have to reboot the ESXi host to get it running again. None of the other VMs on the host experience any issues when the OMV server VM crashes and dies. I don't know yet if it's OMV, Debian or ESXi 6 causing the issue but it is very frustrating as it takes forever to reboot (usually gets stuck at calculating quotas across 7TB of drives for a long time).

      Any troubleshooting ideas would be appreciated.

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