Folders not showing depending on protocal

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    • Folders not showing depending on protocal


      I have a shared folder set up called 'media'

      I have set up SMB access to this shared folder
      I have set up AFP access to this shared folder.

      From my mac, if I mount the share under SMB, I can see 'Movies' and 'Music' folders contained within.

      If I mount the share under AFP, I can see the folders 'Movies', 'Work' and 'Tv Shows' within.

      As I am not having this issue with other shares on the network, I have to assume something within OMV has gone awry? I am running this shinny new version.

      Any ideas?
    • If you have a omv-extras installed, next to shared folders you will see a reset permissions section. You can apply that reset to the share and check if they appear in Samba. Don't forget to reset also the ACL.
      Try an stay away from ACL and use only the privileges button for samba and AFP.
      Let me know if it works
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    • Hi there.

      I think something has gone a bit left field here.

      I have a physical raid file system called 'media'

      I also have a shared folder called 'media' which is that entire file system above. Just an one huge share basically.

      Now when I look in SMB, I have both 'Media' and 'media'.

      I have not created 'Media' anywhere.

      On the mac if I connect with AFP I get the option of the lower case 'media'

      ON Smb I see both 'media' and 'Media' and can connect to both which both resolve to the same thing.

      However if I dig further in to say movies under AFP. I can see a folder with a full backup from cobian with the date on the end.

      However under SMB in the same location this folder does not exist.

      I'll try the permissions thing, but it feels like the whole thing went tits up.
    • Did you setup home folders for samba? You can take a look at this file /etc/samba/smb.conf and see all the shares configuration and how many. For Afp is /etc/netatalk/AppleVolumes.default
      You can check with winscp or extplorer that the folder structure is correct. If problems still appear I would stop samba and afp and recreate the shares again.
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    • No I did not set up home folder.

      I simply set up a shared folder called media and created shares in samba and afp to this folder.

      There is some issues going on not really sure what to do. I don't understand why there is a 'Media' and 'media' resolving to the same share.
    • Hi here is what it says.

      I don't know if its just samba as AFP will only show some folder as well.

      I am happy to level it and start again.

      Source Code

      1. global
      2. workgroup = WORKGROUP
      3. server string = %h server
      4. dns proxy = no
      5. log level = 0
      6. syslog = 0
      7. log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m
      8. max log size = 1000
      9. syslog only = yes
      10. panic action = /usr/share/samba/panic-action %d
      11. encrypt passwords = true
      12. passdb backend = tdbsam
      13. obey pam restrictions = yes
      14. unix password sync = no
      15. passwd program = /usr/bin/passwd %u
      16. passwd chat = *Enter\snew\s*\spassword:* %n\n *Retype\snew\s*\spassword:* %n\n *password\supdated\ssuccessfully* .
      17. pam password change = yes
      18. socket options = TCP_NODELAY IPTOS_LOWDELAY
      19. guest account = nobody
      20. load printers = no
      21. disable spoolss = yes
      22. printing = bsd
      23. printcap name = /dev/null
      24. unix extensions = yes
      25. wide links = no
      26. create mask = 0777
      27. directory mask = 0777
      28. map to guest = Bad User
      29. use sendfile = yes
      30. aio read size = 16384
      31. aio write size = 16384
      32. null passwords = no
      33. local master = yes
      34. time server = no
      35. wins support = no
      36. #======================= Share Definitions =======================
      37. morebackups
      38. path = /media/36c89582-1cbc-42db-8449-00f858acfea3/morebackups/
      39. guest ok = yes
      40. guest only = yes
      41. read only = no
      42. browseable = yes
      43. inherit acls = yes
      44. inherit permissions = no
      45. ea support = no
      46. store dos attributes = no
      47. printable = no
      48. create mask = 0755
      49. force create mode = 0644
      50. directory mask = 0755
      51. force directory mode = 0755
      52. hide dot files = yes
      53. backups
      54. path = /media/35e16342-ae8a-4e46-8e33-e4085918fd82/backups/
      55. guest ok = yes
      56. guest only = yes
      57. read only = no
      58. browseable = yes
      59. inherit acls = yes
      60. inherit permissions = no
      61. ea support = no
      62. store dos attributes = no
      63. printable = no
      64. create mask = 0755
      65. force create mode = 0644
      66. directory mask = 0755
      67. force directory mode = 0755
      68. hide dot files = yes
      69. media
      70. path = /media/2ed595f8-1615-4a6e-862c-da399cdb1800//
      71. guest ok = yes
      72. guest only = yes
      73. read only = no
      74. browseable = yes
      75. inherit acls = yes
      76. inherit permissions = no
      77. ea support = no
      78. store dos attributes = no
      79. printable = no
      80. create mask = 0755
      81. force create mode = 0644
      82. directory mask = 0755
      83. force directory mode = 0755
      84. hide dot files = yes
      85. root@openmediavault:~#
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    • Your config looks ok......except for the share definitions, they are not enclosed in square brackets. Did you edit them manually and remove those here at the pasting? Also the global is missing brackets.
      Can you make sure the brackets exist in the configuration.

      path = /media/2ed595f8-1615-4a6e-862c-da399cdb1800//

      Should look like

      path = /media/2ed595f8-1615-4a6e-862c-da399cdb1800//

      Also the share media is sharing a whole disk, there might another folder there with media. Just delete the shares from samba and configure them again.
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    • HI yes sorry I removed the brackets because I thought it might interfere with the forum.

      For my own piece I decided to start again, or at least I tried.

      I deleted the shares from SMB and AFP and turned the services off. These are the only services I have running.

      I then went the wrong way I think and wiped the two disks making up the raid. The raid is now gone but the media shared folder still exists and it says its in use. This is not so as the raid is now destroyed.

      Is there anyway to get rid of that shared folder 'media'
    • Is that share media marked as used in the share view?
      Did you reboot the box with deactivated services to make sure that nothing is active?
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    • There is a config file that holds web interface configurations at


      Shared folders and other entities have a unique id (uuid) inside the config, look for the media folder uuid and use that string to search inside the file to see what other place it repeats.

      Like here, the string in red is the id. Look where the id is repeating inside the file to get the idea where is the shared folder being held from deleting

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