ownCloud - permission issue on external storage

    • OMV 1.0
    • Resolved

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    • ownCloud - permission issue on external storage

      Hello everybody,

      At first happy new year and many thanks to every active members of this forum, it is very helpful.
      My question is liked to ownCloud.
      I used OMV 1.7 and I installed ownCloud via the tekkb's procedure:
      It works fine.
      But I can not fix a little issue.
      I added a local external storage to access to a OMV shared folder.
      The issue is that I have no write permission on this folder via ownCloud webgui or ownCloud client.
      I can see this message on the webGUI :
      you don't have permission to upload or create files here

      What is the good setting to be able to modify this folder via ownCloud?

      Any idea or advice on this issue is welcome.
      Thank you in advance for your help.
    • Ok, I trie to provide more details:

      The user logged with ownCloud comes from the OMV setup via the user plugin in ownCloud for OMV.
      The user can read and write on the shared folder as defined in the OMV webgui.
      It works because I can write on this folder via samba access.
      Background: I speak about ownCloud 7 and OMV 1.7.

      I hope it is clearest.
      Thank you in advance,
    • Dear all,

      I know this topic is quite old.
      But I want to close it and provide you some feedbacks.

      Unfortunately the permission issue was due to bad CHMOD settings on the shared folder. It is not linked to owncloud.
      I am not very familiar with OMV ACL and privileges but my understanding of these concepts tell me that they are no effect to the CHMOD properties. So I do not understand how the CHMOD setting was changed. Maybe it is due to my bad practise... After turning it to read write access, everything work fine now.
      So this topic could be closed.