[Guide] Install Deluge plugin and Deluge Remote Client to use AutoAdd plugin (multiple watch folders)

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    • [Guide] Install Deluge plugin and Deluge Remote Client to use AutoAdd plugin (multiple watch folders)

      Install Deluge plugin and Deluge Remote Client to use AutoAdd plugin with multiple watch folders

      This tutorial will help you to configure the OpenMediaVault-Deluge plugin and the desktop client to take advantage of the famous AutoAdd plugin that allows you to configure multiple Watch / Complete folder. Who to call it, is not available in the server version, but only in desktop version

      Using multiple files allows you great flexibility in terms of managing downloads. Managing Multiple Watch and Complete records. Management ratio for each parameter, and more and more.

      This tutorial assumes that you have already version 1.0 and all updates done and OMV-Extras.org installed.

      It's started

      Install Openmediavault-Deluge plugin

      Install Deluge and choose your version

      Clic [Start], Be patient, it can take some time.
      and clic [Close]

      Setup Deluge plugin

      Launch [Deluge Web Interface]
      Enter password "Deluge" and the software ask you for your first login to change your password. Clic [Yes] and now you have a Connection Manager popup window, choose your local host and clic connect.

      Enter old password : deluge
      and enter new Password and clic [Change] button and [Apply]

      Now go to Categorie Daemon and activate "Allow Remote Connexions"

      Now Close all Deluge Web Interface

      Install Deluge Client Ubuntu, Windows or Mac OS-X
      Go to deluge-torrent.org and intall your prefered Deluge OS version. In this tutorial the setup is created on Ubuntu 14.04, but it's exactly the same thing on Windows or Mac OS-X.

      After you have installed the Deluge Client.
      ** Sorry my Deluge is not in english on screenshots

      Open Preferences

      Go to Interface and untick Classic mode

      And clic [Apply] and close preferences.

      Find the Deluge-daemon username and password in the auth.conf file
      Now before continuing, you need the some informations stored on aut.conf file from your server.

      Open Putty or any SSH client, connect to your OMV server and you need to open the deluge auth configuration file

      Source Code

      1. $ nano /home/deluge-daemon/.config/deluge/auth

      On this file you have 3 things,
      the username : localclient
      the password (long string) : 233d7fad7a5d15dc446aa09186f50577745d9cb1
      and the user level : 10 (not needed in this tutorial)

      Before quit putty important, restart your deluge-deamon (to make previously changes take effects)

      type :

      Source Code

      1. $ service deluge-daemon restart

      Deluge client configuration

      Now return to your desktop client and Open Connecion Manager

      Clic [Add] button

      Add your server Ip adresse, username (localclient) and your super long password string.

      Now back to Connexion Manager

      Extend Settings and Tick Automatic connexion and Do not show this windows at start.

      Now Choose your local client connexion and clic [Connect]

      And voilà! You can now add the AutoAdd plugin and create all your Watch folders and complete folders you want on your NAS. like Watch-movies/complete-movies, watch-tvshows/complete-tvshows, watch-apps/complete-apps, etc etc..

      If you have any questions or any suggestions do not hesitate. And I am not native English speaker, feel free to correct me.

      TODO LIST :
      1. How to configure AutoADD plugin
      2. How to configure FileBot Renamer for movies, music, tv-show after torrent complet

      Hardware ASRock N68C-GS, AMD FX-4100 8GB RAM
      OMV3 Distro + OMV-Extra + Docker + OpenVPN = Unlimited possibilities!

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