Encryption, via plugins or officially supported

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    • Encryption, via plugins or officially supported

      Dear all,

      Sorry if this is a FAQ, but I tried searching the docs and the forums before posting, but didn't quite find what I'm looking for.

      I'm new to OVM, but totally loving what I see so far. But, I would need encryption of data-at-rest for some customer data that I have. In other words, I would need full-disk or partition encryption for some shares in OMV.

      There is a quite complex article in the wiki about manually enabling encryption. But, can OVM handle this natively or in a simplified manner via a plugin? The underlying LVM etc support encryption, but is there a way to handle it with a GUI integrated with OMV?

      Ideally, I would like to have software-based encryption, using the AES-NI instructions in the CPU, and where the key is not stored on the OVM device but has to be entered every time OVM is booted. I'd prefer not to use hardware encryption, because motherboards with a TPM and SED disks (self-encrypting disks) are much rarer than regular consumer hardware, and more expensive. :|

      Danke sehr,


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