openmediavault-domoticz plugin (TESTING v1.0.1)

    • OMV 1.0

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    • ***Update***
      I've pushed the 64-bit binaries with ZWave support to the repository. Installing or updating the plugin should bring ZWave device on hardware menu.
      Please notice that users using the 3.16 kernel may have to compile the cp210x driver for their kernel. For that please go to aeon labs page and search for the driver.
    • Olá bom día de Espanha. ;)

      Você não precisa fazer mais nada. Está pronta a funcionar. Se você tem um pen Zstick pra Zwave não tem que fazer nada, ele tem que ficar disponível como OpenZwave USB.

      "You don't need to do anything. It's ready to work. If you have a ZStick usb, you don't need to do anything special, it has to appear as a OpenZwave USB."

    • Hi Sergio,

      I've downloaded the Domoticz plugin and when try to install it this error came:

      Source Code

      1. chmod: cannot access `/opt/domoticz/domoticz': No such file or directory
      2. dpkg: error processing openmediavault-domoticz (--configure):
      3. subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1
      4. Processing triggers for openmediavault ...
      5. Updating locale files ...
      6. Updating file permissions ...
      7. Purging internal cache ...
      8. Restarting engine daemon ...
      9. Errors were encountered while processing:
      10. openmediavault-domoticz

      and only pressing the "refresh" button on the browser that error gone.
      Then I saw the Domoticz icon/Plugin and when try to enable it I got another error:

      Source Code

      1. Failed to execute command 'export LANG=C; update-rc.d 'domoticz' disable 2>&1': update-rc.d: error: no runlevel symlinks to modify, aborting! update-rc.d: using dependency based boot sequencing

      What could it be wrong?

      omv 1.16 kralizec | 64 bit | omvextrasorg 1.15

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    • Hi everyone,

      I just test it (already use domoticz on raspberry), and install have issue partly solved: crash over webinterface, launch with dpkg -i and obtain an issue because it don't found /opt/domoticz/domoticz as the real folder is /opt/domoticz/domoticz_a64, si I create a link and then the install is done
      without error.
      But domoticz won't launch itself: Permission denied when I try to launch it with /etc/init.d/domoticz Start

    • Hello,

      I have used domoticz on raspberry for more than one year, the plugin under OMV was a great news, so I installed it and for now have tested it for 2 months. It's very stable, no crash at all.
      The two problems I've found are :

      1. The configuration for Zwave nodes are not transmitted, I explain, I had a FGMS fibaro motion sensor when domoticz was on raspberry, I changed the configuration parameters essentially to have more frequent data updates (especially for lux), then when I have installed domoticz on OMV the sensor still transmits its data with the frequency I set before but the correponding parameters don't appear (are not the same) in the configuration page attached to the sensor even if I "request current stored values in device". In a second time I add a second FGMS sensor and same behaviour, impossible to change the configuration parameters.

      2. Issue to stream video, I have an old AXIS213, when I set the parameters and test everythink is ok, but when I want to stream the video, nothing?

      In any case, I'm very glad to have this domoticz plugin under OMV, it's a great job, thank you.

    • Thanks to you for the feedback.
      Unfortunately ZWave protocol is a pain to diagnose. The part I developed and the plugin manages it's the program installation. If all the components (zwave driver) are correctly installed after the plugin install, it should be a problem with Domoticz (but they'll blame openzwave).
      I'm having problems myself with ZWave, I can't make my first and only zwave switch work properly. I can switch from the program but if manually push the wall switch it goes nuts. So I may be a little help for you.

      You may try post the issue on the domoticz forum, zwave subsection. And in advance, on the OpenZwave google group.
      If you get a installation issue response or something lacking for RaspBerry, please tell me so I can correct the plugin.
      But I doubt. I've learnt that zwave it's a so unstable thing.
    • Another user from spain testing this plugin ;)

      I installed domoticz in a RPi few weeks ago, with a RFXtrx433 USB device, a z-wave usb stick and a Logitech Harmony Hub.
      Now moving everything to my OMV server and works great. Very nice plugin

      Si necesitas que pruebe algo no dudes en decírmelo, no soy un usuario muy experimentado de debian o domoticz, con omv llevo bastante tiempo y ganas no me faltan.
      Un cordial saludo
    • I´m using the plugin for some time now with zwave and trx433 on usb. It´s very stable.

      However I cannot update to a newer version or beta. I want to upgrade so I can use Domoticz remote server, which requires all server and slaves to run the same version of Domoticz.