creating my first NFS share

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    • creating my first NFS share

      sorry but I'm a total newbie, with both linux and OMV.

      I set up my NAS with OMV (v1.11), connected it to the network (wired) and I can succesfully access the webUI through the browser.
      It's a WD My Cloud nas device, for the installation setup please see: WD MyCloud.

      I'd like to do my first test on my first nas and since I only have machines running linux at home I choose to create a NFS share (but I don't know if I did the correct choice).

      Here my steps:
      - created a user on OMV using same name as my user name on my linux box (is this really necessary?)
      - created a "test" share folder on the volume and gave read/write permissions to everyone (just in case, I want to make sure the test runs ok) with the following path: "/test"
      - gave read/write privileges to the user previously created (again.. just in case)
      - under services > NFS I made sure the service is enabled (left the default 8 servers number)
      - on the next tab I created a share by choosing the previously created folder from the drop-down menu, and set privilege to read write and left the default options "subtree_check,secure" and under client I put my linux box IP number (jus gave her a static address, just in case)
      - every step I did, setting were "applied" by clicking on the proper button on OMV webUI

      Now to test if I can access the folder on my linux box (Mint 17.1) I did the following:
      sudo apt-get install nfs-common
      and then
      sudo mount server.ip:/test /home/user/WD
      (the WD folder was created under Nemo file manager and I left default privileges)

      Unfortunately I get the following error message:
      mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting server.ip:/test

      Should I somehow specify the username/password created on OMV when I use the mount command?
      I already tried to reboot the NAS.

      Many thanks!

      PS: I just found out that when I go under the network > interfaces tab I get the following error message:
      ​Device 'ip6tnl0' not supported


      Source Code

      1. ​Error #6003:
      2. exception 'OMVException' with message 'Device 'ip6tnl0' not supported' in /usr/share/openmediavault/engined/rpc/
      3. Stack trace:
      4. #0 [internal function]: OMVRpcServiceNetwork->enumerateDevicesList(Array, Array)
      5. #1 /usr/share/php/openmediavault/ call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
      6. #2 /usr/share/php/openmediavault/ OMVRpcServiceAbstract->callMethod('enumerateDevice...', Array, Array)
      7. #3 /usr/sbin/omv-engined(500): OMVRpc::exec('Network', 'enumerateDevice...', Array, Array, 1)
      8. #4 {main}

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    • Check the syslog in omv at the same time you try to mount the nfs share, that should indicate the error. My experience says you have to change secure to insecure in the nfs omv options.
      The second error is the network backend definition for that adapter. Is fixed in the next release.
      Edit: comment a side, privileges have no incidence in nfs.
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    • From your Client:

      Source Code

      1. showmount -e NASIP

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    • davidh2k wrote:

      From your Client:

      Source Code
      showmount -e NASIP


      He is right, I didnt see your mount command but the correct should be mount /mnt/test

      OMV binds the share to the /export path. The file /etc/exports than handles the shares all use /export path
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