How can I setup virtual host for omv plugins?

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    • How can I setup virtual host for omv plugins?

      First, here are some background informations about me and my setup. I come from HK (just feel sorry that my english may be very bad since it's not my native language) and I've just installed OMV 1.10 last week on my server w/ intel G1820, gigabyte H97N wifi, 4GB ram, 4*1TB WD Blue + 1*2TB Toshiba + 1*320GB Seagate(2.5" for system disk).

      I built a expandable RAID10 disk array by updated to madam 3.3 to create it, than downgraded everything to be the same w/ OMV 1.10 (I tested this method to build a expandable RAID10 array on a VM before and this works, downgrade is to ensure every plugins work well, upgrade to mdadm3.3 is needed to expand a RAID10 array), installed plugins which are pyload, virtual box, netatalk, plex, webdav, rsnapshot and owncloud(I followed tekk post to upgrade to OC7), and everything work well (except the iframe tabs are not useable for me either w/ safari or chrome on my mac).

      Although everything work well, but they work on different ports which is what i want. As I always stay in school and the school network is restricted, most of the ports can't pass through the firewall, even VPN is useless (those ports of different type of VPN are blocked). Also I don't want to open too much ports for the security reason, so I need the plugins and omv-webgui run on port 443 and port 80 reserve for my websites.

      Here's what I want.

      For omv-webgui, owncloud, virtualbox & webdav, I want them to run behind a virtual host setting with both listening port 443
      omv-webgui ->
      virtualbox ->
      webdav ->
      owncloud ->

      And for pyload, since it can't enforce to run with https (I've tried it before and it didn't let me to access the webgui if i enforce it to run with https), I want the website for it be

      Is it possible to modify the config files of nginx and these plugins to let them run on a name-based virtual host and using the same port? Or is there any ways to let them be what I want?

      Thanks for spending time to look at my question. Hope there will be some solution.
    • Start by adding OMV_NGINX_SITE_WEBGUI_SERVERNAME="" to /etc/default/openmediavault. Execute omv-mkconf nginx and service nginx restart. You should be able to access OMV, VirtualBox and WebDAV from from now on.

      Owncloud is a different beast and probably requires a little bit more thinkering. Look in to proxy_pass with Nginx. This should probably work with Pyload to.