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      Have made a *.bat file which I start when the computer starts. In this file I have the following lines;

      net use z: \\\Hansdir /user:Hans 19ol19
      net use x: \\\Fellesdir /user:Hans 19ol19

      but when the second line is executed, it fails with an error that shares can't login with the same name to the same shares. But if I add a network drive, and use the same info, it Works great. Why??

      I have set up all the user in priviliges not ACL, is that the problem?? Should it be in both??

    • Hello,

      Why don't you just tick the boxes ? :

      1 - To reconnect after reboot
      2 - To connect with your login Hans

      [Blocked Image:]

      If you really want to use a batch for that, try to add /persistent:yes and the domain before your username, for instance :

      Source Code

      1. net use z: \\\Hansdir /user:workgroup\Hans 19ol19 /persistent:yes
      2. net use x: \\\Fellesdir /user:workgroup\Hans 19ol19 /persistent:yes

      And verify you did not change your IP with the DHCP since...
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