Redirection by frame does not work...

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    • Redirection by frame does not work...

      Hi guys,

      I'm here for a little network issue and the DNS redirection from my DNS provider to my local OMV.

      That's the deal : I would like to type or or and be redirected to my OMV own ip address (according to their ports).

      That's what I did :
      1 - I created the two sub-domains in my admin control panel from the provider
      2 - In the DNS options I chose redirection to another adress, which is my static ip address like 82.x.x.x (with no port so it's 80 by default and I checked "Always connect to OMV by https")
      3 - I chose "Redirection by frame" for the sub-domain to the adress 82.x.x.x:443 (I changed the original https port for another one but here is the example)
      4 - I chose "Redirection by frame" for the sub-domain to the adress 82.x.x.x:8443 (I changed the original owncloud port for another one but here is the example)
      5 - On my router, I transfered all inbound addresses from the port 80 and 8443 to the local address of my NAS (

      That's the issue :
      1 - Redirection by frame does not work (timed out)
      2 - Redirection by http works fine

      One question stays in my mind, when I chose the address of DNS names (number 2), do I have to go on my static public IP or should I go with the DNS names of my ISP on my router ??

      Thx for reading.

      PS : next step is securing the whole things with certificates and SSL
      - ASROCK FM2A88X-ITX+ (SATAIII (6Gb/s) x6 (for the DATA), mSATA x1 (for the OS) ==> maybe the only afordable motherboard with 6xSATAIII ports)
      - AMD A6 7400K 3.5GHz (overpowerful for NAS but the cheapest for this motherboard)
      - Corsair 2Go DDR3 1333MHz C9 (x2)
      - INTEL GIGABIT CT DESKTOP ADAPTER SINGLE PORT RJ45 PCIE (to avoid backports problems with network controller)
      - COOLER MASTER G450M (80+ bronze)
      - WD Red 2To 64Mo 3.5" SATAIII (6Gb/s) (x4 for the DATA, 2 SATA ports left for future use)
      - 32 Go SSD mSATA KingSpec Half-Size Solid State (for the OS which allows 6 SATA HDDs)
      - Fractal Design Node 304 black (HDD 3.5" x6)
      - RAID 5 xfs
      - OMV 1.12 (Kralizec) - 3.16.0-0.bpo.4-amd64
    • Did you find a way to resolve this issue?

      I am new to open media vault and have set up a subdomain and a web redirect as I have done for many other programs that I have (couch potato, sabnzbd etc...) and I am getting the below message in Microsoft edge (and just a blank screen in chrome that shows the domain number address and "refused to connect" message). Incidentally, if I type the domain address number or the domain with the port number everything works just fine.

      This content can’t be shown in a frame

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