openmediavault-fail2ban first version now available for testing

    • OMV 1.0

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    • Thanks for your help -- I just didn't know how to enable the *testing* repo of OMV extras, but figured out how. I'm installing fail2ban now, via the GUI.

      To enable the testing repo of OMV-extras, just need to go to "OMV-extras" on the webgui and there is an option to enable it.


      P.S. The output of the code is now:

      Source Code

      1. $ apt-cache policy openmediavault-fail2ban
      2. openmediavault-fail2ban:
      3. Installed: 1.3.1
      4. Candidate: 1.3.1
      5. Version table:
      6. *** 1.3.1 0
      7. 500 jessie/main amd64 Packages
      8. 100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
      9. 1.3.0 0
      10. 500 jessie/main amd64 Packages
    • Will there be an possibility to see banned IPs and an unban-option in the WebUI in near future?

      I ban after 5 false logins (nextcloud). Due to my harsh password requirements, my users produce sometimes bad logins.

      I solve the issue by clearing the nextcloud log, unbanning the IP through SSH and restart Fail2Ban-Jail. This works but is far from comfortable.
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