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      I'd like to switch form freenas to openmediavault and I wanted to test the zfs funcitonality right now.
      I found that zpool creation seems to take quite some time is that true?
      I wanted to create a raid-z1 out of 4x3TB hard drives.
      Just started the creation process and when I look into htop on the terminal I don't see any processes that could be creating something.
      However nothing appears in the web gui as well.
      Am I missing something here?

      HP Proliant N54L
      4x3TB Seagate desktop 7,2k drives
      System drive is a 30 GB kingston sata ssd
      openmediavault is almost a clean install, no other plugins installed previously no other volumes created except the ones on the system drive

      I just checked zpool events
      Besides this from two hours ago, there is nothing shown.

      There is also no significant load on the system. CPU is between 0 and 1 % load all the time and the HDD led is blinking very rarely.

      I just checked syslog:
      There are 3 significant entries to the topic.
      It says:
      openmediavault zed: eid=5 class=config.sync pool=Main
      openmediavault zed: eid=6 class=zpool.destroy pool=Main
      openmediavault zed: eid=7 class=config.sync pool=Main

      any idea why this is happening?
      I also tried to create the zpool using force option but same result here...
      I also have to reboot openmediavault and wipe the disks to add them to a new zpool again after another failed attempt. Otherwise they won't show up in the selection list.

      I gave ZFS another go, I plugged 4x 8GB USB flashdrives in and created a zpool out of them, worked perfectly...
      So where could be the problem with my 4x 3TB HDDs? Any Ideas?

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    • Hey, I know this post is over one year old. Sorry for the resurrection.

      Did you ever get it to work with your hardware? I have (essentially) the same hardware, a HP N40L Microserver with 10GB of RAM, and 4x3TB WD 7200 HDDs, running the current stable OMV (2.1 AMD 64) from a 8GB Kingston

      When I go through the steps to create the pool, nothing happens. I thought that maybe I was being impatient, but even leaving it over night, nothing appeared to have happened. I don't have a collection of USB sticks to try it with, so I can't replicate what you did by creating another pool with different hardware.
    • OK, so I don't know if it's relevant, but I was running the OS from a thumb drive. In the searching for the answers to my problems, I learnt that running it from a flash drive was bad, so I enabled the fs2ram.

      After editing the fstab, enabling the plugin and restarting the device, the next pool I created worked. I also didn't use any numeric values in the pool name this time (I was trying to use 12TB-POOL, and this time I just used POOL) so not sure if that too is relevant.