Seagate NAS S.M.A.R.T. values

    • Seagate NAS S.M.A.R.T. values

      Hi Everyone,

      first of all I would like to say that OMV is a great project. Thanks for the good work.

      I have an HP Microserver N36L with 3 Seagate 4TB NAS disks which has been running fine for a couple of months now. The OS itself is on a separate Toshiba 2.5" drive. I switched the main fan and that of the PSU to quieten the unit down so that it would not be too distracting when working next to it.

      I went for the Seagate disks because they seemed to be the best option at the time. The WD Reds have an issue where they keep unloading and loading the heads continuously and the HGST NAS seemed to be a little too noisy.

      Recently I noticed that at least one of the disks is making a clicking sound repeatedly when the NAS is accessed.
      This has led me to investigate and I took a look at the SMART values.

      I think the values are a bit strange. I have attached screenshots of all three drives.

      The following values stood out to me:

      Raw_Read_Error_Rate 49211144

      Seek_Error_Rate 51546018274
      High_Fly_Writes 16

      High_Fly_Writes 80

      Do you think there could be something wrong with one of my drives? My first suspect would be sdb. Is there any way I could analyse this further?

      Does someone have a similar build? What is your experience?

      Please let me know what you think.

      Thanks in advance,
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