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    • Raspberry Pi Install incompetence


      I'm completely new to OMV, and I thought that might cause problems, but not this soon. I use unetbootin to put the 1.12 r-pi image on a card but when I power the pi, nothing happens. The PI starts and my external drive spins up, but my switch doesn't light up with any activity, and my router doesn't list any new IPs. Is there a default IP I should be using to access the webUI or am I missing something else entirely? Are the Pi images headless? I've plugged a monitor in but it doesn't get any signal. I've tried this on my 512 model B and the B+, using different cards of course. Both have the same results, and I've never had this problem with any other distro.

      Is this just what to expect from OMV on the Pi in it's current state? Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree.

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    • I have attached a monitor, but nothing shows up and it shuts itself off.

      When I plug in my model B Pi, the power light turns on but the activity lights remain off. It is possible that there's something wrong with it, but my my B+ model lights up as expected and still doesn't output any video signal or demonstrate any network activity.

      Does the fact that the image file end in extension .gz mean anything to me as a windows user? I don't have to convert or uncompress that file to a plain .img, do I?
    • The wiki instructions only apply to the ISOs. I will update the readme file in the raspberry pi folder.

      Did you extract the file? The .gz is a compressed file. You need to write the .img file inside the .gz file to the card. That is probably you problem. You can use 7-zip to extract it.
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