Sonarr on raspberry pi not working

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    • Sonarr on raspberry pi not working

      I have successfully installed sonarr in omv on my main server using the plugin in the testing repo and it is working really well. Unfortunately this is not the case on my Ras Pi 2 server (also running omv). There is no plugin for this as there is no mono available, but I have got it to install using this guide:

      Sonaar runs on the correct port but whenever I try to connect to an indexer or add a new series I get errors, but there are no real details in the logs. Indexers report that they cannot connect as does adding new shows. As this is not an issue with the plugin on my other server I am wandering if I have messed something up, or if it is a permissions issue. I welcome any ideas.

    • Switch the loglevel to debug. Then you should get some more details on why it can't connect.

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