AUFS (UnionFS) NoBalancing

    • OMV 1.0

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    • AUFS (UnionFS) NoBalancing

      I have a problem with my omv test system & the auFS plugin.

      I am using 8*1 TB Drives for data. 7 of them are in the aufs pool. I installed snapraid plugin too but only added the drives. No sync at this point.1 Drive is for parity

      So my problem is I setup the pool and and ftp. I started filling up my drives with all the data from my windows machine, but only one drive was filled to the point of 0.0 bytes free. FTP gives me errors now : no free space availabe. But Aufs shows 5 tb + free on the pool.

      Ftp share is a folder inside the pool /Storage/Public
      Storage is my pool. Public is my folder inside it.

      Bottom line is there is no balancing in my pool and i cant add any more data.

      What can i do for making it work ?

      PS. : I know that ftp is not the best way for data migratio to the new system but rsync was horribly slow ( 8 MB/s ). I dont want to wait 3 weeks until all of my 5 tb are transfered. Any other suggestions ?
    • Similar Problem now. One disk was full except of 500 mb free space then i applied the command which was recommended. I let ftp run over night to fill the disks. In the morning i hade Errors again. The nearly full disk was now full 0.0 Bytes left.

      I had no overview of what is complete and the wanted to start over with the file Transfer.

      So i deleted everything via ftp. But now it seems only some links have been deleted but the actual files are still there.

      I sshed to look into the storage pool. my movie Folder was still there. So i deleted it via cli.

      Now everything is a mess. The Folder was deleted but file Systems still Show the same as before.

      list command inside media/68....../ gives me an error --> ls: lese Verzeichnis .: Eingabe-/Ausgabefehler

      i tried to delete the share Folder via web gui ---> error

      Failed to execute command 'rm -fr '/media/68d2700b-cee8-4a83-a30a-adaff0c45494/Public/' 2>&1': rm: Entfernen von „/media/68d2700b-cee8-4a83-a30a-adaff0c45494/Public/Filme“ nicht möglich : Das Verzeichnis ist nicht leer

      i know its not empty but i hoped deleting the share (message states that it will delete all files inside the share) would clean my disks.

      so now i cant Access the files which isnt a Problem but cant delete them either.

      Did I destroy my System ? Do i have to Setup it again from scratch ?

      I investigated myself a Little more.

      Inside the media Folder the ls command Shows that there are several Folder with cryptic name.


      Each of them contains Public/Filme/ Folder . So the files are still there.

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    • Are you making changes (deleting files) from the individual drives? That is one thing that aufs does not like - making changes to individual drives. You need to add, modify, and delete from the pool.

      If you can, I would wipe and format the drives then create a fresh pool. No need to reinstall OMV. After this, add everything to pool. I would be very shocked if you have problems then.
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    • No i deleted files using ftp client. The Ftp client used the pool as share. When i deleted the files through ftp client the problem began. Cant "see" files in ftp anymore but disks are still full. I thought when i delete them in ftp the files would be deleted physically from the disks, not only deleting some kind of link.

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