Can not access FTP from the Internet

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    • Can not access FTP from the Internet

      Hi all,
      first of all, sorry for my English: I'm from Catalunya ("Spain") I'll try to explain as better as I can

      I've built a new computer to use as a NAS and installed OMV 1.14 Kralizec on it.

      I use SMB/CIFS to share with all my windows devices at home (LAN) and I have also enabled the FTP server to access the same SMB share (I mean the same folders and files) while I am not at home. The problem is that I have set the router to redirect the port 20, 21 and 80 to the internal IP adress of my OMV box ( I tried to access my public IP from the internet (using a 3G modem on the client computer) and I can access the webGUI on port 80 and change the settings, but when I try to access the port 21 for the FTP on Google Chrome, it keeps loading and loading the page without doing anything at all. I checked with different tools out there if the ports are open and I found that port 80 and 21 are open, but port 20 seems as closed.

      Has someone any solution for this? Has anyone got the same problem as me?

      Thanks in advance.

      DISCLAIMER: :!: I'm not a native English speaker, I'm sorry if I don't explain as good as you would want. :!:

      My NAS:
      Always the latest OMV Erasmus running on an AMD Sempron 3850 @1.3GHz with 4.9.0 Backports Kernel
      with 120GB Samsung SSD 850 EVO for OpenMediaVault & 2x500GB Primary Data HDD + 1TB Secondary HDD for Backup & 2TB USB 3.0 External HDD for offline backup

      Plugin list:
      Flash Memory, Locate,, RSnapshot, Sensors, Syncthing, SMB/CIFS, SSH, USB Backup

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