Pinned Plugins that are wanted - Part 5

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    • Plugins that are wanted - Part 5

      Plugins that are wanted - Pick 2 261
        Owncloud Alternative*4 (77) 30%
        Dropbox - (46) 18%
        Card/CalDav Server - (39) 15%
        Dynamic DNS Client(s)*2 (35) 13%
        VPN Client*3 (34) 13%
        Home Automation Software*1 - FHEM / openHAB - (domoticz is already available as a Plugin! See Notes) (34) 13%
        motion / motionEye - / (29) 11%
        Find Duplicates - / (28) 11%
        Maraschino / HTPC Manager - (20) 8%
        Mozilla Firefox 1.5 Server / Syncserver / (19) 7%
        Music Player Daemon - / (18) 7%
        mailpile - (13) 5%
        jabber server - (13) 5%
        Groupware / SOGo with OpenChange / ZARAFA - (13) 5%
        Beets / Bliss for large Music Librarys - / (12) 5%
        hubiC -! (7) 3%
        irc server - internet relay chat (6) 2%
        Boxcryptor - / (5) 2%
        pelican - (2) 1%
        Polkast - (2) 1%
      Here is the newest Poll.
      • We won't list PHP Apps here. Those can be added via the nginx Plugin easily. See here for an example Guide based on WordPress. Yes, mediawiki also is PHP. ;)
      • Please check and or for already existing Plugins.
      • If there are missing Plugins on your ARM System please verify that the Application runs on Arm, If we missed to enable it for Arm, request it here.
      • We're allways looking for new Plugin Developers. If you're interested to get access to the Developerforum, PM me your background and I will have you added to it.
      • Zoneminder has no Plugin, but a Binary specifically compiled for OpenMediaVault. You can install it via apt from the commandline if you have the Download Managers Testing Repository enabled.
      • GlusterFS Plugin was started but dropped for now due to the lack of Knowledge of GlusterFS.
      • Flexget is testing phase.
      • Fail2Ban Plugin is in early testing state.
      • ps3netsrv-- is looked at at the moment.
      • Space used per Share (du command) - Plugins that are wanted - Part 4
      • ZFS Plugin is well progressed. There is no approval for Production use, yet. NOTE: If you're coming from FreeNAS 9.2, your ZFS Pools won't work with ZoL!
      • The last Poll showed a big request for 'some kind of photo gallery'. There was no conclusion which would be a good fit.
      • *1Try the Domoticz Plugin from Sergio openmediavault-domoticz plugin (TESTING v1.0.1)
      • *2 We advise you to use the features available in your Router, where possible.
      • *3 VPN Client(s): Suggest Service(s).
      • We know that there is a demand for a Webbased File Manager. There is the explorer Plugin for now. Updates to the core code of OpenMediaVault could allow an integrated File Manager in the future.
      • *4 Owncloud: Yup. We know you ask for it. But it's a PITA to work, and support, with. Don't expect any updates from Volker (it's an offcial Plugin) or that one of the current 3rd Party Developers adapts it. Maybe you can suggest a decent alternative.
      • *5 Docker: It's on our roadmap, but its only progressing slowly.
      • MariaDB: Install MariaDB from CLI, then install the MySQL Plugin and it will utilize MariaDB.
      • Sync 2.0 (btsync): No interest in this from our Developers. BitTorrent Sync 2.0
      • Crashplan, see the Guide here
      • ed2k/KAD: No Interest from our Devs.

      Old Thread for reference: Plugins that are wanted - Part 4

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    • I think we should implement some sort of plugin rating system, perhaps on the forums. People could give a rating 1-5 and add comments for possible improvements to existing plugins.

      I don't think Maraschino should be on the list. There is a plugin laying around somewhere for that already. It just needs to be updated. Nix that and put in some photo manager.

      And sticky this....

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    • While seafile seems very good, the installed would be difficult to implement as a plugin.

      There are lots of photo manager that use php that can be used with nginx plugin. I want a native manager but it is difficult to code.
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    • raulfg3 wrote:

      I still need a ed2K: alternative, like amule or MLDonkey, not too difficult to install, but better if are a pluggin.

      I think the last bullet point in David's comments applies to that.
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    • Plugin Feasibility (if you don't see a comment about one of the options then it is probably a good candidate):

      mailpile - from a quick look, it seems to be another good candidate for the nginx plugin and there is already a roundcube plugin.

      pelican - requires a lot of interaction with command line (pelican-quickstart) and does not seem like a good candidate for a plugin. Probably better used on a linux desktop??

      boxcryptor - requires java = yuck

      polkast - not open source, not free, looks like owncloud alternative

      bliss - see boxcryptor :)

      Groupware / SOGo with OpenChange / ZARAFA - very complicated and too much time required
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    • You can change your vote now.

      I think those options should just be removed instead of unlikely to happen. The only one that should stay is the owncloud alternative. I still would like to make seafile work. If it isn't right, we still need something in this category.
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    • ryecoaaron wrote:

      Most plugins don't need to be changed for arm. They just require dependencies we don't always have.

      I hear you, that's why I was providing the scripts and packages so they could be included in the repo :)

      Even Plex has an arm7 package thanks to uglymagoo on the forums so it would be great to put the deb package in the repo so it can use the already existing plugin.

      If i need to do something beyond providing the compiled mono package and stuff for Sonarr let me know. I'm not really a developer but I can provide the packages that work on arm7 units that I've linked to previously, happy to compile the list with links again too to make this easier.
    • I´m thinking about -

      Guacamole is a clientless remote desktop gateway. It supports standard protocols like VNC and RDP.

      We call it clientless because no plugins or client software are required.

      Thanks to HTML5, once Guacamole is installed on a server, all you need to access your desktops is a web browser
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    • from what I can see and read Owncloud is a real pain to handle as plugin.

      I have tried to think outside the box :) I found here an Owncloud appliance based on Suse.

      the footprint is pretty small and it appears to be working ok from my main computer under virtualbox. I'm still trying it out but maybe this could be a possible workaround.

      the appliance could run from the OMV virtualbox plugin and share the data stored on OMV mounting the shares with samba. no configuration, no fuss.

      any feedback on this?