Advice on syncing a single drive to another drive

    • OMV 1.0

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    • Advice on syncing a single drive to another drive

      Hi there.

      I'm looking for advice on the easiest and/or best way to sync the contents of one drive to another. It's my torrent drive in OMV, and as such sees the most wear and tear, and I don't really want to lose the currently seeding torrents and .torrent files in case the drive dies. So I have another drive in my system currently empty and I'd like to have it automatically sync to the torrent drive. They are identical drives.

      RAID 1? One of the plugins? Is there a script I can have run automatically once a day? I am still so much a beginner when it comes to Linux, but I'm fairly fearless.

      So if anyone has recommendations that would be awesome! (pros and cons) Currently it's almost almost 2TB of files.

    • I am still so much a beginner
      So am I. But I already did some trials with RAID respectively snapraid and decided for myself a RAID system is too much complicated and sensitive for my real needs. The pro for RAID is of course, you have your data secured at any time, while with rsync, the data's added between the sync periods are gone in case of a defect. But you can define very short sync periods as only the changed datas are synced, so very less risk.
    • And I now see Rsync as a service in the list of services and you can define source and destination. LOL. Thank you for the advice! I think I'd rather do this! I'll let you know how it turns out. :)

      One question though: I actually copied all the files over manually because I actually think the original drive may actually be dying (although it supposedly has passed the smart tests... it will suddenly become unavailable for moments at a time while trying to copy files from it.) So if I set up rsync, does it basically compare the files from original and then source before it copies anything? That would be the expected behaviour I would think based on some quick Googling.