OMV - OpenVPN AS "blocks" router DHCP messing up DNS

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    • OMV - OpenVPN AS "blocks" router DHCP messing up DNS

      Hello all,

      I have an issue with my OMV NAS similar with this Internet connection dies when OMV box is attached
      But the solution posted there is not an option for me. I have also searched for similar posts on the forum but couldn't find any.

      The details are:

      - 1 router connected directly to the ISP and some computers connected to it, both wireless and cable, including the NAS.

      - after a few minutes from the startup of the NAS system, the internet stops working on all the devices connected to the router via wireless, then after a few minutes it works again and so on. I've already tried restarting the router, NAS, PC etc. On cable it's stable.

      - issue: communication with router's DHCP gets blocked, and since the router's DHCP acts like DNS for the connected computers, the internet becomes unreacheable. Also, it means I cannot access the router's web interface for configuration. But what's even strange is that both DHCP and let's say respond to ping even when I can't access the pages.

      - a workaround that I found for the internet access, is to manually set up the DNS for the connection to or, but that still doesn't solve the fact that I can't access the router's web interface.

      - at first I thought it was related to the minidlna service because I stopped it and it appeared to be working, but apparently it was only a matter of timing, I stopped it when the loop was back on the "now it's working" time.

      - also I saw that the Transmission client is not able to connect to trakers - this is permanent, it's not having the working/not working loop.

      Any thoughts on this? Maybe a known issue? Please let me know if you need more details. Thanks!


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    • If you can ping the pages via hostname, the dns is reachable. Check if you can access the hosts via IP. If ping resolves hostnames to ip - for unknown hosts - you can be certain that it is not a dns problem.

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    • Presuming your NAS, router, clients are in the same subnet, i would wireshark the traffic, when the NAS comes up.
      I would look at the following points:
      • ARP (Mapping IP adress to MAC adress) of your Gateway should not change
      • DHCP offers of your NAS (hope, your NAS does not act as a DHCP server)
      • Other strange traffic
    • Thanks for the suggestions guys!

      I finally have 2 days off work, so I will try to get to the bottom of this. I will try to use wireshark and see what I can find out, it will be a new challenge for me :)

      Here is what I managed to find out so far:

      - I am able to constantly ping the router's DHCP IP address, but when trying to access it via http it works but only intermittently (a couple of minutes it's reachable, a couple not) - no timeouts on ping - very strange

      - if I set the DNS servers (either or manually on the router or on the PC, the internet works without interruption, but only the router's settings page remains intermittently not accessible

      - somehow, the OMV box cannot access the internet intermittently, even if I manually set up the DNS servers - I did some apt-get update via ssh with putty and sometimes it worked, but sometimes it got errors like:
      Err wheezy/updates Release.gpg
      Something wicked happened resolving '' (-5 - No address associated with hostname)

      I will keep you updated after trying wireshark and also removing some OMV plugins one by one. I suspect one of them, but not sure which :)


      Found the guilty bastard !!! It's the OpenVPN AS plugin - if the server is set to OSI layer 3 with NAT it somehow manages to create chaos on the router's hardware NAT. If I stop the server, or switch to layer 2, everything is working fine.

      What I found out with wireshark - a lot of -
      [TCP Spurious Retransmission] 52768→80 [SYN] Seq=0 Win=8192 Len=0 MSS=1460 WS=4 SACK_PERM=1 when I couldn't connect via http to the router.

      I still don't understand why it happens intermittently - I guess it has something to do with the NAT refresh rate on the router, don't know exactly how NAT works.

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    • You're right as always tekkb, my fault all the way :( thanks for opening my mind :thumbsup:

      I was keeping the router's default DHCP (192.168.0.x/24) and in the same time manually forcing the Open VPN AS to provide the same 192.168.0.x/24 for the clients, instead of just creating a link between the router's LAN IP pool and the VPN IP pool.

      In case others might experience similar issues, just read here:…tation/howto.html#vpntype:

      The best solution is to avoid using or as private LAN network addresses. Instead, use something that has a lower probability of being used in a WiFi cafe, airport, or hotel where you might expect to connect from remotely. The best candidates are subnets in the middle of the vast netblock (for example

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