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    • How to reset the Graph data


      Recently the BIOS battery of my openmediavault NAS server died and as a result when the server was powered on it had incorrect time.
      I had NTP synchronization enabled, but for reason NTPd was setting the time way off, for example when I discovered the issue the year was set to 2041. Upon reboot it was set to 2028. Anyways, I changed the BIOS battery, update the time in the BIOS and everything is ok.

      But now here's the problem. During the time the server had the wrong time, some data was collected (by the collectd daemon i think) and now the graphs in the status page are gone completely silent. Here is the screenshot of the "Interface Status" graph This is the case of all graphs under the Status tab.

      Is there any way I can reset all the graph data so that this problem is resolved. I do not mind losing the historic data. I just want the current status visible in the graphs. I was considering re-installing openmediavault to resolve this issue to fix the problem.

      Thanks for your time.

    • Collectd conf file shows where data is stored /etc/collectd/collectd.conf

      service collectd stop
      rm -r /var/lib/rrdcached/db/*
      service collectd start

      Then refresh browser and click the refresh button in each graph panel. They will be regenerated in time.

      PS- This is for OMV 1. I believe on OMV .5 the cache location was different so if anyone still on .5 is reading this check your conf file.

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