Help with new AUFS and SnapRAID setup

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    • Help with new AUFS and SnapRAID setup

      I'm in the process of a new build and wanted to use SnapRAID with AUFS. Seemed easy enough but as I move forward I've been confused on how to setup the AUFS side of things. I was using: and simply don't understand the content in the AUFS section.

      aufs setup:

      Create a shared folder for each drive - d1, d2, d3. - So this is in 'Share Folders' of OMV I guess?
      Create a shared folder on any drive called poolshare. - Same assumption as above.
      Set the bind share as poolshare. - Where do I do this?
      Set three branches as d1, d2, d3. - Where do I set branches?
      Check the mfs checkbox if you want the drives balanced. Leave unchecked to preserve folder structure. - I've seen no checkboxes during trial run of an aufs pool.
      Use the poolshare shared folder in other plugins (samba for example). No need to use d1,d2,d3 in any plugin.

      Am I using an outdate doc against an updated plugin?

      As well is it logical to setup the SnapRAID on the physical disks BEFORE the AUFS pool? I assumed it was the other way around.
    • The doc is outdated. You will use the unionfilesystem plugin and select aufs instead of the aufs plugin. I will update the doc. Updated.

      The order is unimportant. SnapRAID and AUFS both run on top of the filesystem
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