mount omvv drive in windows

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    • mount omvv drive in windows

      OK so I had an old scrappy comp laying around and installed omv on it. Wife loved it and it worked great for 1.5 years. The fan on the processor burned out and it fried. I keep searching but I'm not super familiar with Linux. What is the easiest way to move the data from omv ( no raid nothing just one single drive) to my Windows PC. Let me know if you need anymore info

      Thanks in advance,
      (Yes I misspelled my username lol)
    • Well, assuming the drive in OMV is formatted in a Linux filesystem... (ie, ext3, ext4, etc.-)... I'm not sure if there's software to let Windows read those filesystems (there probably is though)...

      What would I do?

      Pull the "NAS" drive, and put it inside the Windows PC (or if you have a suitable USB caddy, that would work as well)
      Download a Live Linux distro (Ubuntu would work just fine for this) and follow the instructions to put the ISO on a CD or bootable flash drive.
      Boot the Live Linux device, use the file browser to mount the NTFS partition (the windows drive) and the Linux partition (the OMV data drive)
      Drag and drop the data from the Linux partition to the Windows partition.

      When you're done, simply reboot back to Windows. At that point, you can either remove the old OMV drive, or format it in NTFS to keep for extra storage.
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