ACL permissions in subfolders

    • OMV 1.0

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    • ACL permissions in subfolders

      Hallo i`ve read all the "Privileges and permissions explained under OMV" stuff and searched through this website for an answer....

      My example:

      Samba Access folder = "Server"
      Shared folder = "Server"

      Examle User = "Hans Hubert"

      /Server/Depot/Hans Huber
      /Server/Depot/Hans Huber/Year1
      /Server/Depot/Hans Huber/Year2
      /Server/Depot/Hans Huber/Year...

      /Server/Depot/Hans Huber/Year1/Bills
      /Server/Depot/Hans Huber/Year1/Docs
      /Server/Depot/Hans Huber/Year1/...

      I want in all folders only read apart from the "Bills","Doc" and etc. folders at the "Hans Hubert"-folder.
      In this folders i want RW for the User "Hans Hubert"

      My probblem ist, that if i use ACL to set the permission like in my example works the permission only for the shared folder "Server".

      If i use privileges at the shared folder so alle folders get the same permissions and the ACLs get totally ignored.

      Does the ACL only work for shared folders?
      Could i use the privileges like i want in my example?
      Do i have to reconstruct my hole folder structur?

      Sry for my bad school english..
      I hope you can help me