WLAN configuration via OMV interface

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    • WLAN configuration via OMV interface


      I wanna use my raspberry with OMV but connected via WLAN instead of ethernet. I know that I can do all the setup of the WLAN card using CLI, but wouldn't it be easier for us to use the web-gui for that as well?
      I am seeing my WLAN adapter there, can set static and dhcp IP address but I wasn't able to find the WPA nor PSK settings there. This would be an awesome feature, especially in times where more and more people using WLAN also for there NAS to connect the clients together.

      Is there a plugin available already, or is OMV 2.x planning to have WLAN config integrated in the web-gui?

    • Not now. Is being asked before but I guess there are other priorities for the developer. Is not very hard to do it cli, and you only do it once, unless you're paranoid and change the passphrase every week Or your nas goes mobile around.

      For stability purposes I always prefer my nas hardwired, maybe with wireless Internet, but lan wired.
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    • You can create a script that is executed when OMV builds the configuration. So you are sure that OMV does not override your /etc/network/interfaces changes. Add the script to /usr/share/openmediavault/mkconf/interfaces.d. You can use one of the existing files as an example and template.
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    • Thanks for the info,
      I have configured wlan over the CLI already, using the mentions scripts.
      But what made my head smoking was the issue having first used the GUI to set a static IP. Disable it, is not deleting the whole wlan interface configuration from the interfaces config file. some stuff sticks in there which I had to take in account creating the mkconf file which is getting merged.

      This is not nice, nor really usefull to have a disabled interface but still having config written into the interfaces file via OMV gui.