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      Hey guys :)

      I need again your help.

      I'm using OMV to back-up some data from my clients (Win and Mac).

      I'm currently running OMV on a HP MicroServer Gen 8 with the Intel 1610T CPU and 16GB of RAM.
      I have a RAID 1 with 2 3TB WD Red drives which I'm using to store the data; I have tried to transfer the data to a single SSD drive (Samsung 850 Pro) but I see no differences in the transfers' speed. The drives are formatted as Ext4 and are mounted adding the noatime and nodiratime parameters.
      The 2 NICs (both Gigabit) are teamed but i can reproduce the problem even if using a single NIC.

      I'm experiencing very slow transfers from the Mac clients to OMV.
      The other way around (OMV to MAC) is working just fine. Transfers to Windows clients are fine too.
      Looking at the NICs stats, I see transfers easily up to 300Mbps when connected with a Windows client over WiFi and up to 900Mbps when using the cable (Cat 7 STP).

      Anyway, with transfers from Mac OSX Maverick to OMV performances are really bad. It took around 4 hours to transfers 12 GB.

      I have tried to set SMB version 2, restarted the service (and the Mac), no difference.
      I have also tried to access the share via cifs://<omv-ip>/<share-name>; same issue.

      This issue only affects the Mac clients when connecting over SMB/CIFS as far as I can see.
      Just to rule out performance issues, I have attempted the same transfer while downloading via Sabnzbd (inboud, ~ 100 Mbps), streaming a 1080p movie (outbound, ~25Mbps) and have ascertained the CPU is running ~3-4%, RAM is ~2-4% and there is plenty of network bandwidth available. Even under this test, the transfer rate was around 4 hours for 12 GB, same as when the NAS was completely idle with all the plugins, extept samba, disabled.

      I'm sharing the data over SMB/CIFS and have not installed AFP plugin (netatalk, if memory serves me).
      How can I workaround the issue? Is there any other protocol I can use (NFS perhaps?) or it there anything else I can try?

      Thank you for any tip you may give me.

    • Osx never reaches windows performance in samba. I have also a 850 pro in macbook. Best numbers are achieved with plain ftp. Better than samba is afp, nfs also gets good. But you won't get to 110MB/s like in Windows.
      With ftp i can reach 95MB/s
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    • To add some information, the drives I'm using for the test (in particular the one named R-1) exhibits the following speed:

      dd if=/dev/zero of=tempfile bs=1M count=1024
      SSD: 1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 0.689193 s, 1.6 GB/s
      R-0: 1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 0.679538 s, 1.6 GB/s
      R-1: 1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 0.723264 s, 1.5 GB/s

      dd of=/dev/zero if=tempfile bs=1M count=1024
      SSD: 1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 0.189237 s, 5.7 GB/s
      R-0: 1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 0.189017 s, 5.7 GB/s
      R-1: 1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 0.199969 s, 5.4 GB/s

      The NIC speed (single NIC configuration) is showing an average of 960 Mbps during the transfer and Windows shows an average transfer speed of 120MB/s.

      Unfortunately, seems like I cannot create anymore a bonded device, can't understand why.
      Anyway as the speed with the original bond0 were equal (while transferring to/from Windows) to the one on either one of eth0 or eth1 i take that the router does not support any bonding.

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    • @subzero79, thank you for your reply.

      Is then FTP the only way to get fairly good performances over MAC?

      I don't mind disabling Samba and rely on NFS if this provides good performances.
      Or even rely on Samba and AFP (if the 2 plug-ins can coexist on the same NAS).

      Let's say, the main thing is to have something that works out of the box without needing to add 3rd party clients (such as FileZilla for FTP) and with the least number of plugins possible.

    • You can buy a manageable switch and and thunderbolt ethernet adaptor. With link aggregation you can double speed ~200MB/s.

      I use whatever comes handy, I have samba, afp and nfs enabled. Also use cyber duck for ftp or sftp.

      You can use them for while, then made your mind and choose which ones suites you best. Omv won't feel tired because you install some extra plugins.
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    • Hi @subzero79,

      Thank you again for the tip, really appreciate that.

      I will try to install openmediavault-netatalk so to use AFP if that performs better.
      In your experience do you get better performances out of FTP, AFP or NFS when transferring from a MAC to OMV?

      A side question, you were suggesting to get a thunderbolt to ethernet adapter, would this perform better than the built-in Gigibit NIC?
      As far as I remember even though the thunderbolt port supports 10 Gbps, the adapter is only 1 Gbps (unless things has changed lately).

    • Ftp is always the fastest for me. But for common usage samba is easy to use, same as afp in finder.

      You won't past 1gbit with the thunderbolt. If there was a 10gbit thunderbolt ethernet adapter, you need also a switch that supports that, and that's expensive, and a 10gbit card at omv . Also it won't past the 550MB/s of the ssd.
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    • Thanks @subzero79!

      Yeah, given the switch I'm using, the NAS NICs and the laptops' NICs are all Gigabit Ethernet I will stick to that. it should be anyway capable of 125MB/s theoretically.
      The 2 raid devices I'm using are made of NAS HDD and therefore not capable of high speed anyway, opposite to SSD; as soon as the transfers are in the 80MB/s - 100MB/s ballpark I'll be happy.

      I will try AFP first as that is probably easier to integrate with Finder.
      If the transfer rate would be far from the 80MB/s - 90MB/s I will give it a try with FTP.

      Either way I have an image of the OS drive so I can revert the changes quite quickly when I made up my mind and just add to plugin I need :)

      Thanks again,
    • You can try a dirty hack on OS X, to switch the samba osx stack (smbx) for the one from

      did it the other week but didn't test performance over the wire. Is an app
      called smbup. you can uninstall and go back . The discovery service won't work with Finder though.
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    • Hey @subzero79, I;ve jsut tried the 2 paths you gave me but I must be ding somethign wrong.

      I have installed openmediavault-netatalk, gone to Apple Filing, added the shares and attempted to connect via Finder to afp://omv.
      This worked fine and the share was mounted on the Mac, anyway (unfortunately) the speed was the same achieved via Samba.

      I have tried to move exactly the same file, to the same destination via Windows, that gets solid 110 MB/s - 115 MB/s.

      I have then enabled FTP. This was pretty straight forward.
      Have set to use explicit SSL and have attempted to connect using FileZilla; this connected just fine but under the "directory listing" I was only able to see / and nothing else. So I haven't managed to test via FTP.

      Without taking away any more of your time, shall I kindly ask you for directions on how to share the folders via FTP please?

      Thank you,

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    • @subzero79, yes, I tried adding permission (R/W) for the user I logged on as. No ACL are in place and the files at file system level have a mask of 775.
      I will retry this evening, just to double check.

      @tom_tav, yes, that was the first thing I tried as suggested on other threads in this forum.
      Unfortunately it did't make any change to the transfer speed.

      Given AFP was performing as bad as Samba o this Mac, I will also try this evening with another Mac client, just to rule out issues with this particular one.

    • The proftpd configuration file is located at /etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf you should expect to see inside the refererences to the shares. And with the authorized users also.

      If the shares aren't located there, then I guess there is something wrong going on there.
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    • To check raw performance try the program "Blackmagic Speed Test".

      I get on SMB 106MB/s write, 94MB/s read

      on AFP 110MB/s write & read

      both from a Retina MBP via GB Ethernet

      P.S. its not really raw performance, it writes and reads a file ... but afaik it doesnt use the hdd on the client

      P.P.S. reallife performance is up to around 4gb / Minute on File Copy


      HP N54L, 6GB, 5disc Raid5, SSD Boot with OMV Stone Burner
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    • I have just performed some tests using

      Transfer from Mac to OMV over 802.11n (450 Mbps):
      Write Speed = 3.2077040 Mbps
      Read Speed = 128.5908640 Mbps

      Transfer from Mac to OMV over LAN (1 Gbps):
      Write Speed = 27.7711200 Mbps
      Read Speed = 527.7187760 Mbps

      Transfer from Mac connected via LAN (1 Gbps) to Windows connected over 802.11ac (1.3 Gbps)
      Write Speed = 26.9346200 Mbps
      Read Speed = 525.8437470 Mbps

      As we know, from Windows to OMV the performances are extremely good instead.
      The same test has been repeated while connecting from the Mac to OMV over Samba and Apple Filing, with the same results.
      Of course when connecting to the Windows client I only tested Samba.

      I'm now keen to think this may be an issue with the Mac connectivity :(

      I will try with another Mac soon.

    • There is something wrong with the write speeds. If you're into cli like brew or macports, you can install iperf to measure network performance. It works sort of client-server mode. You launch it in omv as listening server and in Mac as client. It can do parallel downloads, by size etc.

      with that you can rule out protocol issues (smb,afp or ftp)

      for brew or macports you need Xcode installed.
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