restoring configuration after reinstallation, trouble with mounts

    • restoring configuration after reinstallation, trouble with mounts

      In the Guide for reinstallation on debian, it says to copy your config.xml but it never says what to do with that copy.

      After a reinstall of debian ( accidentally jessied myself ) and openmediavault ( version also incremented by .01 ), I copied the backup of config.xml over the new one, but this hasn't magically restored all my configurations. So maybe i just have the copy of config.xml to consult while I reconfigure?

      The main thing I need to work is mounting disks, I see the file systems listed on file system page, but when I press mount it says

      Failed to mount 'c615b345-5b9c-498d-84b8-610b1fce3cfe': mount: no such partition found

      I can hand mount them and everything looks fine, not sure how to get the mount page working or if I should restore my previous fstab entries. any advice would be helpful.
    • There is no restore function in omv. You can try in cli to.pipe all values of config.xml to their respective service.

      For example write omv-mkconf in terminal press tab twice it will show the autocomplete options. You'll have to do that for every service available that you recall.

      You need the plugins installed also.
      This is just theory from experience
      and I haVe never done it, so I don't know if is gonna work as you expect.

      pd: for init scripts I guess you'll have to start the services manually.

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