help my hdd shows a empty condition

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    • help my hdd shows a empty condition


      i'm new here. first sorry for my bad english and thanks for every hint to solve my problem. i also build an OMV station. i have everything installed succesfully. the network/user access is given to a testdrive (hdd <=320 GB). at this point everything was fine. But now i disassembled my external 4TB hdd, and installed it in the nas_tower, which was previously used over usb3.0@windows. I'm not sure if i've formatted it earlier. So i think it had an GPT/ntfs table prior. Now back to the issue, so i installed it, and mounted it with OMV and realized
      that the file format shows up ext4. So i got panicked and reinstalled the 4TB hdd in the external case. After connecting the drive to my windows and linux machine, i saw only 1 RAW partition with 500GB and the rest which was unallocated. The hdd was nearly full.

      So my question is, why does it shows up an RAW partition, how to restore the GUID, does a mbrfix-tool work at a size of 4TB?
    • generator wrote:

      why does it shows up an RAW partition

      That's how Windows shows Linux partitions.

      Seems like you formatted it under Linux, and that kind of thing doesn't happen by accident.

      I'd suggest a file recovery tool...

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