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    • remove disk

      I (perhaps stupidly) removed a drive to replace it with a larger one.

      Unfortunately, it's left behind a bunch of config in omv, that's I'm not sure how to remove.

      At this point, I've got Shared Folders that point to an "N/A' volume and a Filesystem that shows Mounted=Yes and Status=Missing.

      I did manually fix my fstab to remove the references. Is this enough, or will I need to clean up something somewhere else?
    • Re: remove disk

      I'm having a similar problem, although for slightly different reasons. One of my hard drives started reporting errors. I tried to fix it, but couldn't. It wasn't an important drive, so I initially just reformatted it. But with further problems, I just ended up taking it out of my box.

      OMV kept spewing errors on startup and would halt through the process.

      In the end, I've done the following;

      1. deleted the (now empty) directory for the drive under /mnt/
      2. removed the entry from fstab
      3. modified the OMV config file (in /etc/openmediavault/config.xml)

      I don't know if any of those things were the "right" thing to do, but my system is now booting and references to the old drive no longer appear in the web gui.

      However, I'm still getting errors on startup... something about OMV failing to mount the remaining drives (although, they are there, successfully mounted after boot). It scrolls too fast for me to read properly, and I don't know where this info is being logged. It would help if someone could at least point me to the correct log.