can't remove shared folder - how to safely edit config.xml?

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    • can't remove shared folder - how to safely edit config.xml?

      I'm running OMV 1.19 on an ARM system. It's been working fine, but currently I wanted to remove a data drive. Seems simple but after disabling every service (except SSH) and UN-installing every single plug-in I still can not "delete" the shared folder associated with this drive.

      There are only two references to this drive's UUID in the config.xml file listed as below. I tried to edit the config.xml file but only ended up creating errors because I don't fully understand the language and formatting and had to revert the changes.

      What do I need to do to safely remove this drive from the system? I'm frustrated at myself because I can't figure this out. Please help.

      Source Code

      1. root@debian:/# cat /etc/openmediavault/config.xml | grep 8965d046-07cc-4c9f-ac8b-029bb33e4638
      2. <fsname>8965d046-07cc-4c9f-ac8b-029bb33e4638</fsname>
      3. <dir>/media/8965d046-07cc-4c9f-ac8b-029bb33e4638</dir>
      4. root@debian:/#
    • Always backup the config.xml before editing:

      cd /etc/openmediavault
      cp config.xml config.bk

      Before you do that go to Access Right Management/User

      Then below highlight each user and click on the Settings TAB above. See if any of the users have a home directory set. Take off the check mark and set it to none. Then click on save/apply.

      If you find a user/s that had a home directory set to that drive it may be the issue. Now try to delete the share.

      After you have been using OMV longer you will get better at finding the problem.
    • Currently there is only one user account listed under Access Right Management and for the home directory field is disabled with Location and "None" under Settings.

      I'm not sure what exactly if anything is actually using this data mount.

      I'd really like to be able to fix this without re-installing everything from scratch.

      Any ideas, or do I have manually edit the config.xml to forcefully remove all references to this drive?

      Thanks for your help.
    • If you do a logupload and tell us which drive you wanne remove we can take a ppek at it.

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    • Update!

      I just found the problem on why I couldn't delete the drive from Shared Folders.

      Under Services, TFTP; it seems that this same data drive was listed as the active share path even though I've never activated TFTP.

      Once this TFTP shared folder was changed to "None" and saved, then I was able to remove the data successfully.

      I figured this was simple, but I looked and looked for the solution and just couldn't find it, especially since I never used TFTP.

      Thanks for the help.
    • You will get better at solving these problems. They are a pain. It was definitely solvable. It takes a lot of time if one of the mods has to go onto a person's machine to help. We do this from time to time but we need to have time to do it. I have been busy this weekend. I was at the office and gfs yesterday. Today I'm going back to the office for a while. We all have lives....

      Glad you found it... :)